Oscar Berglund

Oscar Berglund


Born 1977, Stockholm, Sweden

Oscar Berglund romances process. The level of precision found in his objects is formidable. The attention to detail, the dedication to the manner of making and doing is crucial, but his practice is almost always undermined and suspended by an act of transgression. Berglund’s Swedish heritage and his migration to and settlement in Mexico find form in construction materials, within the domestic setting, architectonic structures, all subtly dismantling the privileged confines of the artist atelier and the atelier’s antecedent: the white cube. He confesses a natural inclination towards what does not already exist in his homeland.

Clean and masterful cognitive exercises can be and are found in humble materials, in working with our hands. His practice “proposes a more pure relationship with the object.” His respect for material compounds over time. The artistic process not only includes studying the symbolism of materials but also their chemical compositions: what things are made of and why. The micro-political consequences of using a specific material and the reasons that such material (often a man-made, or man-altered one) exists in the first place are concerns that interest him. The importance of acknowledging why we are surrounded by certain materials in contemporary human lifestyles is a key concern in Berglund’s investigation. We honor what already exists; we honor its history and its embedded meanings. Any unwillingness to compromise is interwoven with deep respect.

Instead of painting a painting, Berglund “constructs painting.” The colors of construction drywall and adhesive tapes are placed with the same sort of precision that a painter moves his paintbrush. 30,000 years after the earth’s first paintings were discovered, Berglund still inserts himself into the dialogue. Ultimately, it’s not possible to reconcile whether or not the intentions have changed but the style, technique, format have. Looking behind, looking outside, looking everywhere and not only the surface of the images, Berglund is searching and deconstructing the anatomy of the materials and forms he chooses to use. His best works inhabit a space between the conceptually taut and the mundane, that which is seemingly worthless in terms of an investment fiscally and mentally. Berglund breaks the rules by applying rules to non-art. It is his thought and intention that is the heart of his artwork, allowing the viewer a “permeable” experience between that which is defined as painting, sculpture, drawing, installation, and object.

In 2007, Berglund graduated with an MFA from the Royal Danish Art Academy. He holds a diploma in Film Making from the Film School of Stockholm. The artist has exhibited throughout Mexico, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Japan and in Los Angeles. His most recent solo shows include Episodios de Recoleccion at Altiplano Gallery and Sunday at Casa Vecina, both in Mexico City. In 2015, the artist will be participating in two residencies in Japan, Shiro Oni and he will be an Artist in Residence in Yamanashi. He is the recipient of numerous Danish Art Council grants. His works are found in collections throughout Europe and Mexico.

The artist lives and works in Mexico City