Julieta Aguinaco

Julieta Aguinaco



Born 1983, Mexico City, Mexico

Fluent in multiple mediums, Julieta Aguinaco’s post-conceptual practice is focused on ideas relating to time: geological time, biological time, and historical time.  Emerging out of the new, powerful artistic Renaissance from Mexico, Aguinaco is a product of her country’s conceptual forefathers.  Moving from one object to the next, the artist never abandons the avant-garde dream, where life and art are inseparable and indistinguishable from one another.  She finds the art in everyday civilian life, transforming a rack of dresses into a poem about motherhood and ancestors and creating a color-coded assemblage of plastic buckets to replicate the regions of her homeland while signifying the impending water shortage. A recherché editor of her own production, Aguinaco goes as far as to enact rigid constraints for her paintings by inserting elements of time into visual reproductions of the development of human history.

Inspired by Native folklore, legends of European explorers, religious indoctrination, and cultural mores unique to her country, Aguinaco’s practice proves that history is often the largest occupant of our personal biography and journey.  Her style of art is almost always two-fold:  romance balanced against revolution, the ordinary doubling as the mystic.  In 2014, CYDONIA will mount Aguinaco’s first solo show in the United States.  The Depth of Now will serve as an introduction to this rising star’s practice to Dallas, providing viewers with a more poetic lens with which to understand our neighbors and the relevance of their discourse.

The artist credits Fernand Braudel, one of the greatest historians of the twentieth century, for providing her with a basis for interpreting social chronological passages.  Braudel taught the Western world to recognize that historical time could be categorized into three movements:  geographical, social and individual.

Julieta Aguinaco studied at The National School of Painting, “La Esmeralda,” in Mexico City and the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.  The artist has published several texts in conjunction with her video, painting, sculptures, and installations.  She has exhibited in Denmark, the Netherlands, Iceland, Germany, Mongolia, Mexico, and China.  Her work was selected for publication and exhibition in the book and joint exhibition 100 Painters of Tomorrow.  The show will be on view in London and New York City in November 2014.

The artist lives and works in Mexico City and The Netherlands.